Migration Systems
Explainer — Migration research insights
  • The Road to Bethlehem

    More than five thousand Salvadoran children have been deported this year, but we do not know how many children have disappeared along the way, how many children have died travelling without documents to reunite with relatives, or escaping from forced recruitment by gangs. Almost always, Salvadoran media promotes the benefits of renewing Temporary Protective Status […]

  • Why we need more

    Why we need more "Migration LABs"

    Or: How to develop solutions for integration in digital times? Germany, and in particular Berlin, is currently a place where many practical approaches to integration come alive. This is a great opportunity to build a more open and inclusive society. In this vibrant environment, "Migration LABs" could provide a location for migrants/refugees and social innovators […]

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Critique — Analysis of migration practices
  • Social Transformation and Migration

    Social Transformation and Migration

    The STIM project (Social Transformation and International Migration in the 21th Century) is one of the most ambitious enterprises in migration research of recent years: it looked at the role of human mobility as a factor that reshapes societies, and re-examined the theoretical and methodological basis of international migration research. Social Transformation and Migration - […]

  • Intersectionality and superdiversity: What’s the difference?

    Intersectionality and superdiversity: What’s the difference?

    Report on the first roundtable of the IRiS Key Concepts series by Rachel Humphris, IRiS Associate Researcher The IRiS Key Concepts Roundtable series brings scholars together to discuss and interrogate the theoretical and analytical contours of superdiversity through its relationships to other germane concepts. Building on insights from the 2014 IRiS International Conference and a […]

  • Territory, Migration and the Evolution of the International System

    Territory, Migration and the Evolution of the International System

    Territory, Migration and the Evolution of the International System. Darshan Vigneswaran. First published 2013 by PALGRAVE MACMILLAN. 2014 was a shameful year for European policy-makers. An estimated 4,868 people died whilst crossing national borders and most of them, 3,224 people, died attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. There is no doubt that this is a […]

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