Robert Westermann has studied political sciences at the University of Freiburg with a special focus on global migration, superdiversity and transnationalism and works as a project manager for one of Berlin’s biggest integration projects – Berlin needs you!. Beyond that he is conducting a PhD thesis at the University of Hildesheim on Power and Regulation in Migration Systems.
Yermi Brenner has an M.S. in journalism from Columbia University (U.S.), and works as a freelance journalist, reporting on migration-integration issues in Europe. His feature articles have been published by media organization worldwide, including Al Jazeera English, CNN, and Deutsche Welle.
Gaye Güngör is a non-resident Affiliate of the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies. Before joining the Center, she was Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations at Gediz University from 2011-2016 and Faculty Research Associate at the Gediz Migration Research Center (MIREG) and Gediz University Gender Studies Center (GENDES).
Josepha Milazzo is conducting a PhD thesis in Geography (Aix-Marseille University & Autonomous University of Barcelona), supervised by V. Baby-Collin and R. Morén-Alegret. Her interests include involvement of foreign international migrants and locality transformation, superdiversity and rural-urban fringe in villages and small (rural) municipalities of high incomes countries.